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Our day-long leadership training classes are designed to create change within the people in your organization—anyone from problem employees to your best and brightest. These individuals will gain an understanding of what's possible for them to achieve both at work and at home, the motivation to consider what they can improve, and the tools to implement change. 

Overcoming Fear

How would work performance change if your employees could understand what’s holding them back? They may be procrastinating, not speaking up, or just shutting down. Fear is a powerful influence on a person’s self-perception, decision-making, relationships, performance, and more. This class explores how fear impacts thoughts, beliefs, actions, consequences, and leadership style. Your employees will receive concrete steps on how to manage fear and improve their performance, confidence, attitude, and engagement.

Improving Emotional Intelligence

How do the people in your organization react to situations? To other people? To non-stop mental chatter? They may be negatively impacting their work without understanding it’s happening. Emotional intelligence helps them understand the emotions of themselves and people around them so they can figure out how to navigate work relationships successfully. In this class, your employees will learn to identify their hot buttons and control their responses while gaining concrete tools  for better collaboration, cooperation, influence, and decision-making.

Time Management and Organization Skills

Your department is given more and more tasks with fewer and fewer resources. People are maxed out and stress levels are through the roof. This class is about much more than just traditional time management and organization skills. It provides a powerful system that enables your team to tackle more high-value tasks more efficiently. The class demonstrates how organization, productivity, sick time, morale, and other workplace issues are closely interconnected. Your team will receive concrete steps for improving time management and organization, increasing efficiency, meeting deadlines, lowering stress, and increasing satisfaction.

Positive Interaction with Difficult People

When your employees are faced with a difficult person, does their reaction make the situation better or worse? What if they’re the difficult person and they don’t even know it? Effective communication is one of the most vital skills they can develop—it will help them turn around a delicate situation and build allies that may have otherwise been adversaries. This class provides your employees with concrete steps on how to build better relationships in the organization and community and experience greater productivity.

“GLT training sessions offer a fresh unique perspective on how to deal with life in today’s world.  Joe’s approach is thought provoking, interesting and, more importantly, useful. I would recommend GLT training programs to all willing to take the challenge to positive change.” 

Karen Clark, Training Administrator

“★★★★★ This guy has an AMAZING presentation! Looking forward to working with him again in the future. If you need leadership motivation training, get this guy to your office. HE’S THAT GOOD!“

Roy Williams, Jr., Constable

“I left armed with great information that is immediately actionable. I want to send all of my staff to this class!”

Daniel Word, Plans Examiner Manager

“I’ve been in this business for 33 years. That was the best training I ever attended.”

Joe Scott, Chief Probation Officer

“Joe Serio, you lead an outstanding program: upbeat, informative, thought-provoking, and definitely not the same old boring training we sometimes receive. I would recommend you and your program of training to anyone looking for a quality training course!”

Ray Lacy, Chief of Police

“I attended your time management & organization skills training at TML this past November. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it, and it has been very helpful to me. At the training I purchased your Time Management book and I intend to pass this on to my daughter, who has recently graduated college and is ready to start the next chapter of her life. Hopefully she will also benefit form the book. Would love to attend some more of your training/seminar classes.”


Lisa Oltmann, City Secretary

“What an eye-opening class! It changed my mindset completely!”

Molly Martin, HR Manager

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