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The Leadership Academy is designed to transform your entire organization. We work directly with your managers to clarify and expand their vision for the organization while they improve themselves and use what they learn to develop their teams.


The academy will shift the thinking habits of your managers and give them leadership tools they can use for the rest of their lives. By the end of the academy, they will be able to assess their own productivity and effectiveness and continue to learn independently, so their improvement will be ongoing.


The 10 modules of the academy cover various aspects of leadership and ensure your managers are putting everything they’re learning into practice along the way. All of the modules are interconnected, providing constant repetition, reinforcement, and application.


Each of the 1-day classes starts with a group discussion and individual written exercises about what your managers learned and experienced in the four weeks since the previous module. Then, the day’s topic is presented along with interactive exercises. Before they leave for the day, your managers are given reading and activity assignments to help them reinforce and apply what they learned. After the 10-month academy is complete, they will continue to receive ongoing emails from Dr. Joe Serio for the next six months for further motivation and reinforcement.

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