The Leadership Academy is designed to transform your entire organization. We work directly with your managers to clarify and expand their vision for the organization while they improve themselves and use what they learn to develop their teams.


The academy will shift the thinking habits of your managers and give them leadership tools they can use for the rest of their lives. By the end of the academy, they will be able to assess their own productivity and effectiveness and continue to learn independently, so their improvement will be ongoing.


The 10 modules of the academy cover various aspects of leadership and ensure your managers are putting everything they’re learning into practice along the way. All of the modules are interconnected, providing constant repetition, reinforcement, and application.


Each of the 1-day classes starts with a group discussion and individual written exercises about what your managers learned and experienced in the four weeks since the previous module. Then, the day’s topic is presented along with interactive exercises. Before they leave for the day, your managers are given reading and activity assignments to help them reinforce and apply what they learned. After the 10-month academy is complete, they will continue to receive ongoing emails from Dr. Joe Serio for the next six months for further motivation and reinforcement.

Sigrid and Christie Testimonial
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Rick Felkins Testimonial
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“This Leadership Academy has helped me in many ways I did not expect. From the very first module I realized that I held back a lot out of fear, specifically my fear of success. I lived so much based on others’ expectations for me, I lost sight of who I was, what I wanted, and how I would get it. This Academy brought all of that to light and I am much more conscious of how I communicate, react, manage myself, lead/mentor, and most of all, how I can still be effective as myself and as creatively as I know how!”

Chere Bennett, Senior Office Specialist, Pretrial Services

“This program has been a gift. I have learned about how to manage myself, my thoughts and fears, my reaction and interaction with others, stress and time. Most impactful has been learning how to slow down and put space in my responses and to not own other people’s issues. All the lessons are applicable in my work and home life.”

Sigrid Levi-Baum, Unit Manager, IT Support

“Thanks for bringing the Leadership Academy to our organization. You assisted us greatly in carefully examining our circumstances so that we could capitalize on ways to improve our agency and ourselves.”

Shawn Barrington, Manager

“This Leadership Academy has changed my life. I can make decisions without being afraid of failure. I’ve learned who I am and what I want. I was just treading water before and now I’m living my life with purpose.”

Sheliah Merlino, Senior Probation Officer

“I wasn’t planning on applying for the manager position. I don’t like change. I was comfortable where I was (safe zone) and I knew my job well so why change I told myself. I didn’t want to stress over the interview process if I applied and I questioned if I was manager material. Then I remembered our first class on fear and realized I was making excuses out of fear. That little voice in my head was screaming at me not to apply. Growth happens in change, right, so I applied and forced myself to face my fear. I used some of the tools and techniques I learned from your trainings to prep for the interview and, well, I got the position. Go figure. I am still in shock. So a big thank you. I wouldn’t have applied if I had not gone through your trainings.”

Leo Cruz, Manager

“This has been a truly wonderful growth experience. Joe’s enthusiasm, knowledge, presentation, and expertise is phenomenal. His passion for class participants and their growth shines through at all times.”

Blake Wingate, Senior Probation Officer